Back to Nature with Floral Prints from the designer's own garden

A collection of 24 spring/summer print designs called Herbarium

Thomas Voorn shows off his green fingers...

He develops contemporary floral prints of flowers and plants from his own city garden. Home grown, nurtured, handpicked and photographed by Voorn himself. The familiar floral print is subtly twisted and translated into a contemporary variation. The designs are sharp and photographic, as well as subtly distorted in pattern to give them a handmade feel.

For ‘Herbarium – Spring’ Voorn picked fresh flowers and plants from his spring garden. This herbarium includes prints made of Lupin, Privet, Peony leaves and flowers, Loosestrife, Common Foxglove and more. By giving the works titles such as 'Jasmine Jacket' and 'Trashbag and Peony Leaf Tracksuit', Thomas Voorn refers to his background as a trained fashion designer and invites the viewer to get a vision of what the print could become.

"...During my studies at the fashion department of Central Saint Martins college of art & design, I was already fascinated by floral fabrics and lace. Now I get inspiration for print designs from my own garden, a little piece of land just outside the city centre of Rotterdam. Since spring 2008 I develop photographic floral prints of flowers and plants from my city garden, which make up a seasonal 'Herbarium' of what blossoms and fades in spring / summer / autumn / winter in this green haven.."

With the growing Herbarium print collection Voorn provides the viewer a whole different perspective on floral prints as well as gardening in spring. Balanced and unbalanced, colourful and minimal. Get ready for Spring. Thomas Voorn points you into new directions.

Note: A selection of prints are on show here in low resolution - Original designs are 400% larger

Herbarium at Home wallpapers of the photographic floral prints are now available in the webshop