A collection of print designs called AFour

Random papers turned into regulated photographic prints and patterns

The purchase of the complete collection of A4 paper from a bankrupt stationer gave Voorn the contents for his new series: creating fun prints out of misery. Photographic images of these papers are the base of playful patterns in typical Voorn style: subtly twisting reality and winking to daily life.

In the AFour series he merges his love for colours and prints, and his fascination for the aesthetic border between dose and overdose in design.

Each part of the prints is a handmade pattern of colourful paper. In close-up you'll see all the detailing and paper layers in the designs. Although most of the designs look sharp and regulated, each pattern started with a random bunch of colourful paper thrown about and made into a photographic image at Studio Thomas Voorn.

AFour is Voorn's search into randomness and regulation, as well as exploring luck and the beauty of 210x297mm...

Temporary Tapestry

The AFour designs are available in the shop to create your own paperwall. Studio Thomas Voorn developed a new and exciting style of wall- covering: single sheets of paper, together creating a photo/graphic pattern. A bold statement at your home: Temporary Tapestry. 


Now available at the webshop - click here