Destroyed photographic prints turned into innovative pattern art

In the Obnoxious series Thomas Voorn refuses to create new work, and instead tackles his old work and remoulds it into bold innovative pattern art.

Obnoxious is Voorn's search into randomness and regulation, a sequel on the inspiration of his colorful paper patterns in AFour and Temporary Tapestry. Exploring his love for color and his fascination for the aesthethic border between dose and overdose in design. Thomas Voorn overwhelms you with an orgy of colors and prints, and gets rid of minimalism.

The Obnoxious series originate from his extensive archive of rejects: work that never left his studio. An ongoing stream of prints made by urge and addiction to constantly design something new. Voorn cut up these rejects and tossed them around to get a totally new look on things. Fresh color combinations were roughly layered like action painting, in which photographic scraps of paper meet graphic stripes and checks.

Cut up old work was thrown about in his atelier to create new patterns: at the same time Thomas Voorn throws up the question what the definition of new is nowadays.


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