Garment Graffiti

Environmentally friendly landscape pollution

For four seasons Thomas Voorn traveled around with bags full of clothes, his alphabet, to create the new Garment Graffiti series ‘Your Name Here’ no.02.

In this series Voorn winks to Miuccia, Helmut and Calvin in the fashion industry, and subtly pushes the garments and letters to their limits. Garments are thrown into a duckweed ditch, hung up as washing in a winter forest and layed out on rooftops, creating surreal confrontations with words for a passerby. At times the garment typography appears as leftovers of a person undressed, looking for friction between clothes, text and context.

A Contemporary Vision on Colour, Clothing and Communication

Voorn's language of clothes 'Garment Graffiti' received media attention and still results in projects, commissions and exhibitions: Arnhem Fashion Biennale, B Store London, Amnesty International, Margreeth Olsthoorn Shop, Fallon London advertising agency, Salon Amsterdam, and more…

A selection of Thomas Voorn's Garment Graffiti is shown here