Design & Production Herbarium at Home Products

Materialising a cherished fascination for floral prints     

Thomas Voorn shows off his green fingers...

Voorn develops contemporary photographic floral patterns of flowers and plants from his own city garden. Home grown, nurtured, handpicked and photographed by Voorn himself. In the past years he created 24 spring/summer prints and 19 autumn/winter prints, calling the collection of florals ‘Herbarium’.

Voorn brings the 'Herbarium – Fall’ florals into practice with his own limited edition floral print products. The familiar floral print is subtly twisted and translated into a contemporary variation. The designs are sharp and photographic, as well as subtly distorted in pattern to give them a handmade feel.

Voorn started to work from his fascination in the ‘Florals & Checks' mugshots as research for a contemporary clash & match of floral prints. This time with his own floral wallpapers, bedding, clothing, cakes, tiles, toilets and more. In typical Voorn style, he is balancing between dose and overdose, object and surroundings. Thomas Voorn subtly twists reality and winks to daily life in this floral product series: a Winter Rhubarb bedroom with Bird Cherry duvet cover, Japanese Beautyberry pillowcase and Dried Flowers mattress cover. A guy in a Japanese Maple bodystocking. A demonstration for or against Conifur.

Now Available in the WebShop are a selection of Herbarium at Home wallpapers with the photographic floral prints

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