Collectie Arnhem ArtEZ Design Tutor Thomas Voorn.jpg

Creative Director & Design Tutor for Collectie Arnhem 2014

Collectie Arnhem is a project that takes place in the third academic year of the Fashion Design bachelor at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts; A renowned fashion department with alumni Viktor&Rolf, Piet Paris and many others.

The third year students work together to realise a collection. All aspects of the development of a collection are addressed during the project. Design, sampling, styling, presentation, show, sales and production; the complete design cycle. The collection of 21 outfits is shown during Amsterdam Fashion Week. To celebrate the fashion department's jubilee, Collectie Arnhem 2014 sells its own fragrance 'Eau de la Mode' a smell that captures 60years of ArtEZ Fashion.

Collaboration with colleagues Lenn Cox and Rixt van der Tol.

Catwalk Photography: JW Kaldenbach