Styling & Photography lookbook Rear View Mirror for jewellery designer Martine Viergever

The briefing was to capture the collection and its concept. The rear view mirror serves as a peg for a variety of objects which will give the dashboard of the car a personal touch. Right above the control panel, with which the driver determines his way, amulets and mascots dangle. They guard for danger, stipulate for football prosperity and dissipate bad spirits and smells. 'Rear View Mirror' is a collection of hand-made jewellery executed in silver, combined with denim and inspired by car jewels. Viergever expresses the thin line between individuality and mass product within the context of the rear view mirror. The contrast is carried out in material, technique and mood; precious materials versus a mass product such as jeans, craft industry versus merchandise and spirituality versus kitsch.

A selection of photo's from the Rear View Mirror lookbook are shown here